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The Up Network is a global initiative that empowers communities to create jobs for youth by turning local challenges into business opportunities.

How it Works

Our Story

We were 17 young social entrepreneurs from 16 different countries… We came together as part of the Entrepreneurship for Good educational program by The Do School in partnership with the Westerwelle Foundation. For 10 weeks, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the global learning center Sinal do Vale we tried to solve a global challenge: create an innovative solution to reduce global youth unemployment by promoting apprenticeships and vocational training. With a professional, passionate synergy coming from 16 different countries and cultures we found an answer!
The Up Network.

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We envision a world where all youth are trained and employed in innovative market-driven skills to transform their communities.


Up Network Features

The Up Network connects existing resources to create new possibilities. We match youth with high-quality vocational training, employers with young talent, and innovations with local communities.
Global Solutions
Innovative solutions to today’s pressing issues are emerging all around the world. We connect these solutions to the communities that need them most and make youth the solution-holders.
We train youth in transferrable, entrepreneurial, and market-driven skills so that today’s young people are not only employed, but building a better world.

Together we can create employment opportunities for youth around the world.

The only question is: are you for it?

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